Who are we?

Our philosophy

To assist and empower people in our Eindhoven community to experience greater well-being naturally through a chiropractic lifestyle.

Our mission

The purpose of our clinic is to treat as many patients as we possible can during our working hours and help them regain/keep their health naturally through chiropractic care and educate them on chiropractic wellness so they can educate others; that is what we are here to do!

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Meet our team


Senior Chiropractor
Specialisme: Y-strap, CFR en acute problematiek


Associate Chiropractor
Specialisme: Baby’s, kinderen, zwangere vrouwen, neurologische problematiek en dry needling


Associate Chiropractic
Specialisme: Sportblessures en extremiteiten zoals knie-, schouder- en kaakproblematiek


Associate Chiropractic


Practice Manager


Chiropractic Assistant


Chiropractic Assistent

What we know and believe


Your body is not an unthinking machine but is a community of 74 trillion intelligent cells all working towards a common goal: to express life and be healthy. Every moment your body is seeking to regenerate and balance itself – you just need to give it the chance.


Disease is common but it isn’t normal; well-being is normal. We often see people around us getting sick as they age; however, most of these problems come from poor lifestyle choices and are not an inevitable part of getting older.


Healing comes from the inside, not from the outside. The most powerful doctor in the world is working tirelessly for you every moment of every day – it’s your body’s innate doctor. If you break a bone, it’s not the plaster cast that heals you, but your body.

Nervous system

Your nervous system is the key to your body’s incredible potential to self-heal. It is the master controller of all 75 trillion cells and is constantly regulating all the organs and systems in your body, including the healing process, to keep you alive and well.

Body performance

Just like you look after your teeth, your spine needs regular care to keep it healthy. Chiropractic is a powerful tool to make sure your spine is properly aligned and your nervous system is well connected so your body can perform as it should.

Happy & healthy

To experience ongoing well-being in your life, it’s essential to make ongoing healthy lifestyle choices. A healthy spine is a vital part of a healthy body which allows you to live a happy and healthy life.

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