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Spinal misalignments or subluxations can alter or distort the nerve messages from your brain to your body.

The goal of chiropractic is to align your spine and restore the proper brain-body connection.

With a healthy spine and well-connected nervous system, you and your body can be at your best.

Over 150 different chiropractic techniques have been developed since chiropractic first began in 1895. Each works to align and adjust the spine by correcting spinal misalignments (subluxations) and restoring proper nerve function.


With a minimum of five years’ university education, Chiropractors are uniquely trained to detect subluxations and adjust the spine safely to optimize nerve function.


When performed by qualified chiropractors, adjustments are painless and very safe for all ages, including babies and children.

Spinal misalignments or subluxations can alter or distort the nerve messages from your brain to your body. There are three main reasons for spinal misalignments: physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress – and all of them create tension throughout your spine and nervous system.


Traumas brought about by any of these types of stresses do not have to be severe to have a profound impact. Research at the University of Colorado found that it only takes miniscule amounts of pressure or tension on a nerve (the weight of a small coin) to reduce nerve messages by up to 60%! For example, half hour each day spent looking down at your mobile phone, prolonged postures at work or slouching on the couch can create enough physical stress to cause subluxations.


Or perhaps you experience pressure at work, a difficult relationship, or anxiety over your finances, any of which can create enough emotional stress to cause subluxations. Even your daily coffee, alcoholic drinks, or poor diet can create enough chemical stress to cause subluxations.


In other words, our modern lifestyle exposes us to many causes of subluxation every day without us even realizing. If over time our physical, emotional, and chemical stresses are greater than what our bodies can handle, our defenses are worn down leading to subluxations, symptoms, or ill-health. Subluxations can occur anywhere along the spine and, since only 10% of our nervous system is dedicated to perceiving pain, they often go unnoticed – which is why they are termed “silent subluxations”.




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Chiropractors are specifically trained to determine whether your spine is free from subluxations or nerve interference. A Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) has undergone a minimum of five years study at university to ensure that adjustments are done correctly and safely.


Chiropractors use a specific and gentle manual pressure (adjustment) to realign affected areas of the spine to help restore proper movement and free underlying spinal nerves. When performed by qualified chiropractors, adjustments are painless and safe for all ages including newborns.


We recommend people of all ages be checked for subluxations, especially babies and children. Research has found that between 80-95% of babies had neck misalignments after birth. Early detection and prevention is by far the best approach.

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